Ujyalo Bhabisya Co-operative

The UB Co-operative is run by members of over 60 local communities it serves. Whilst the nature of monthly savings groups is preserved, it provides a broader governance structure to manage an increased ability to offer micro-loans. Through establishing a strong, successful financial co-operative, the poorest people of Sunsari have a path to building a way out of the cycle of extreme poverty.


Access to basic financial services is a substantial problem for the poorest members of society with whom Development Nepal works. We understand the need to build up savings so as to reduce vulnerability and to plan for the future and provide access to micro-loans without need for collateral instead relying on the social and trust capital established between community members.

In 2005 we established our first community savings groups. Since 2015, the focus has been on expanding micro-finance, supporting livelihood initiatives and establishing UB Co-operative to underpin a long term strategy for a self-sustaining financial model. In turn, this will support the expansion of other core themes to Programme Ujyalo Bhabisya such as literacy and health training.